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We love our cards, had them for a year now use it all the time at LaMesa!!
And they have great customer service if you ever need help with your card.
Kris M. Papillion, NE

We just got Pinpoint a month ago......and use it at LaMesa, Vidlaks and Green Belly.....LoVE LoVE it!
Rebecca J. Omaha, NE

Whoopie!!! Just got enrolled on Saturday, and I cannot believe all those Reawards that are available too! Can't wait to start saving! :) thanks so much!
Amy B. Omaha, NE

I just used it (the PinPoint Card) at Burger Star last night--and it was mainly b/c of the free burger email. I love that place and I am a repeat customer, yet would have never gone there had it not been for pinpoint. It always surprises me that more people don't have it/know about it! Thank you for providing this service. I feel it's important for you to know that people really do appreciate the product!! THANK YOU!
Bobbie M. Council Bluffs, IA

You have been great, and your program is really good for the consumer!! Thanks for all pin point does! Peace and good journey!
Pete G. Omaha, NE

Thanks for starting this program---I LOVE IT!!! I'm not sure which I like more, the Rewards or the great people who work at pinopint---you guys have the best customer service skills!
Michelle S. Omaha, NE

A few months ago, I signed up to get my pinpoint card. At first glance, it seemed like the deals were too good to be true, and there had to be a catch.  After several months, however, I have found the card is everything I hoped for and more.  In addition to getting great deals for places I already know I like, I have also used the enrollment perks to try new restaurants.  I use the card, and I love the convenience of getting rewards at several restaurants without having to carry multiple rewards cards.
Kelly C. Omaha, NE

I love the sheet of Member Perks we received. $20 off at La Mesa was awesome!! Plus it gave us a chance to try some new places that we might not have gone to before. We now have some new favorites, who woulda known. Thank you PinPoint!!!!
Jen E. Bellevue, NE

I love the program. It's great that everything is automatic. Nothing you have to go online to submit or any other hassles like that. Just use it and keep an eye on the mailbox for the rewards.
Dan J. Omaha, NE

My wife and I received our pinpoint cards in the mail soon after enrolling online. We used my card that night and it worked exactly as described. We received our discount and earned our reward points. We love it!
Rick Z. Omaha, NE

It's an incredible card. I can't believe everyone doesn't have one yet. I couldn't be happier.
Greg D. Omaha, NE

I am just amazed with how easy it is to use my PinPoint card, and I love that I can use this one card at some of my favorite merchants. What a great idea!
Kristin H. La Vista, NE

I can't believe some of the incredible coupons I got when I enrolled for the PinPoint Plus card. There are some great merchants that accept this card, merchants that you don't usually see coupons for. I love my PinPoint card!
Beth K. Omaha, NE

I just wanted to let you that we are enjoy our pinpoint card, We have turned 7 people on to just in the past 2 weeks. Keep up the good work
Kim S. Omaha, NE

When I see an email from you, I can't wait to open it, because there is always another great offer. I tell everyone about this free card and the unbelievable offers just by swiping it at the register. Vidlaks is our all time favorite. Thank you so much.
Darla S., Omaha, NE

"Hey Omaha friends...not sure why I have never signed up for PinPoint Card before, but this is awesome and it involves my favorite four letter word of FREE...go get one!!"
Dan B. Omaha, NE

I am a current PinPoint member and I think this is a great rewards program! I hope it continues to grow. There were a couple of merchants that are two of my favorites and I wanted to suggest them as possible PinPoint opportunities.
Colonie W. Omaha, NE

I love PinPoint and have told a million friends about it!!!
Steffanie R. Omaha, NE

PinPoint is the best award and rewards program that I have ever used and the smartphone apps are excellent features and ink savers! Periwinkles and PinkyWinkles will be an excellent addition. Keep growing!
Bambi H. Council Bluffs, IA

Trying to get everyone I know on board! I have had so much free food and discounts like you wouldn't believe! And it's FREE!!
Hayli K. Council Bluffs, IA

Thank you PinPoint Rewards for offering us an easy way to save on dining and entertainment in Omaha. I love my PinPoint card and we use it all the time, and I am trying to spread the word about how great this program is, especially now with the Vala's promotion!
Anonymous Omaha, NE

PinPoint rocks!!! We've received so much from you guys and were planning our date nights around what we have in our PinPoint rewards bank. Thanks guys/gals!!!
Rob F. Omaha, NE

I love the card anyone not using this that goes out to eat or get any of these things done is wasting money , you're welcome to give me the extra money... lol seriously get the card it's wonderful.
Mathew K - Omaha, NE

I love, love, love Pinpoint and recommend it to people all the time.
Cindy C. - Omaha, NE

I love scrolling through the pinpoint rewards tab to find a new place to eat out.
Lindsay D. - Omaha, NE

Pinpoint rewards app rocks...I swear some days I wouldn't be goin out to dinner if it wasn't for pinpoint.....and last year they gave us free valas tix!!!
Rebecca J. - Omaha, NE

YES YES YES!!! Gotta love Pin Point!!
Tammy M. - Omaha, NE

Love this card!!! its the best
Mandy D. - LaVista, NE

I have pinpoint and am thrilled that you are part of it.
Jan L. - Omaha, NE

We love our Pinpoint and have discovered sooo many new places to eat and shop because of it!!
Shelly W. Omaha, NE

I used pinpoint for the first time last night and I was so excited to use it. Thank you for coming up this amazing idea!
Lanae B. Omaha, NE

I love pinpoint! Best app ever. And seriously who doesn't like to save money?
Mia W. Omaha, NE

I don't go out without using Pinpoint! Love you guys!!
Nicki Ann K. Omaha, NE

I tell all of my co-workers about pinpoint! I've discovered so many awesome places because of y'all. Thanks and congratulations!
Caitey Rose I. Council Bluffs, IA

I ate there (thanks to PinPoint) and it was delicious! THANKS!
Jason Omaha, NE

I been for awhile now wanting to thank PinPoint not only for your program but for my best friend. Without PinPoint and your great online rewards I would've never have met my very best friend! So I want to thank you for this and your amazing deals and give aways. THANK YOU!
Tammy M. Omaha, NE

We base our decision on where to eat based off our PinPoint. Love saving money!
Amy M. Gretna, NE

I have had PinPoint Rewards Card since, it started. Love it! Have tried so many new places & saved money along the way. Love how it continues to grow!
Dawn N. Council Bluffs, IA

My husband and I never go out to eat unless it's a pinpoint merchant!!!!
Megan B. Omaha, NE


*PinPoint Rewards cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts.
*Only one Reward may be redeemed per visit.
*Must visit merchant at least once in order to be eligible for their Birthday/Anniversary Awards
*Merchants create their own Reward offers which are subject to change.
*Please see the FAQs for a complete list of the terms and conditions.

Welcome Reward:   Receive this one-time special offer just for enrolling learn more
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Birthday Reward:   Receive this Reward for your birthday learn more
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