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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the PinPoint Card?

The PinPoint Card is a unique way of rewarding consumers for shopping at their favorite retailers. Members receive Rewards and discounts at a large and growing number of merchants who participate in the program through the use of a single card - the PinPoint Card.

Is there a cost to join?

No. Membership is free and there are no fees for using the card.

How do I earn points?

Members earn points simply by making purchases at participating merchants. Members earn one or more points at the time of purchase for every dollar spent, and these points are applied toward the Payback Rewards the member will receive. When the member has earned the required number of points, which varies by merchant, those points are converted into a Payback Reward. If the member has earned points beyond what is needed to claim a Payback Reward, those points are saved and applied later toward a future Payback Reward.  You may also earn points when purchasing Gift Cards from participating merchants.

Is there anything for which I will not earn points?

Points cannot be earned on tax, gratuity, discounts and complimentary offers.

How do I enroll for a card?

Member registration may be completed either online or through one of our smart phone mobile apps.  If you experience any difficulties enrolling, please email us at info@pinpointrewards.com.

How do I receive my Payback Rewards?

After your account balance has reached the required number of points for any participating merchant, your Payback Rewards will be automatically loaded into your member account with 24-48 hours. Your rewards will not automatically be applied against your check the next time you visit the establishment, so you must present the printed Reward or virtual Reward on your smart phone to receive the discount.

How long are my points/Rewards valid?

Points are valid for 24 months from the date issued. Welcome Rewards are valid for 12 months from the date they are issued.  Payback Rewards are valid for 3 months. Birthday and Anniversary Rewards are valid starting on the 1st day of your birthday/anniversary month and expire on the last day your birthday/anniversary month if unused. Rewards will not be reinstated or extended. Merchants may choose to accept expired awards at their discretion.

How do I receive my Welcome Rewards?

Once you have completed your enrollment process, your Welcome Rewards will automatically be loaded into your member account.

How do I qualify to receive my Birthday/Anniversary Rewards?

A member must use their PinPoint Card at a merchants establishment at least once prior to their Birthday/Anniversary month in order to be eligible to receive a Birthday/Anniversary Reward.   Your Birthday /Anniversary Rewards will automatically loaded into your account.

Can I manage my account?

The PinPoint Card program allows you the ease and convenience of checking your point balances, printing your PinPoint Card and Rewards, updating your member profile and managing your account settings through your online account access.  These same features are available in a virtual format through our smart phone mobile apps.

Can I add a member of my household to my PinPoint Card account?

Although our program is intended for individual use, we do allow two members of the same household to combine their points. We call this "householding" memberships. For example, a husband and wife may each have a card and use them separately, but combine the points toward Rewards they can share. Once you "household" your cards, they cannot be separated.

What if I have a question about my PinPoint Card account?

You can find the answers to most of your account questions here on our website. If you do not find the answer in this section or elsewhere on the site, you can submit a question by using the "Contact Us" form. Your questions will be answered within 2 business days. If you still require assistance, you can contact a customer service representative at Info@pinpointcard.com

Can I still earn points if I forget to bring my card?

In order to best handle your transaction, you should present your card at the time of your visit to earn points for your transaction.  Points cannot be applied for any purchase after the time of the visit.

What do I need to log into my account?

Within 24 hours of enrolling, you will receive a welcome email, which will include your account log-in information. Each time you access your account, you will be prompted to enter your e-mail address and password. You may update your account password at any time once you have logged in.

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?

No. There is no limit to the number of points you can earn at any participating PinPoint merchant.

How can I change the information in my profile?

To update your member profile, send an email to customerservice@pinpointrewards.com . Please keep your information current, as we want to be sure that we can keep you informed of any special programs or discounts we may offer to PinPoint Card members.

Can I unsubscribe from receiving emails from PinPoint merchants?

Yes, but you will no longer be notified of exclusive members-only benefits and other special offer notifications.

Where can I find special offers and discounts?

All special offers and discounts are communicated via e-mail and the PinPoint Card facebook page, so be sure to LIKE our facebook page at www.facebook.com/pinpointrewards.com .

If I have an issue with my account, is there someone I can contact to help me?

The quickest way to resolve an issue is to send an e-mail to info@pinpointrewards.com .