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Main Phone: 402-554-1925
Everything is new at the new Family Fun Center XL! But don't worry because it's still all the same great fun that you've grown up loving at the Family Fun Center. We have all your favorite video games, ticket and prize games, plus we're adding more all the time. All of our games run on our new eToken and eTicket XL Fun Card system. We have a brand new attraction we just opened called Lazer Maze where you play the part of a SuperHero and try to sneak through a room of lazers. We have an even bigger and better 3 Level Secret Agent Lazertag Arena that will be the best arena you've ever played. We have an totally redesigned 18 hole blacklight Glow Golf course themed to video game heroes.
  • Welcome Reward: Unlimited Play on Attractions + $10 Game Card + Unlimited Buffet & Drinks for $15 (may purchase this Reward for up to 4 people when redeemed)
  • Payback Reward: $10 Bonus Card for every $30 spent
  • Birthday Reward: 1 Hour of Unlimited Play on Video Games (green readers only, does not include ticket or prize games)
  • Anniversary Reward:
  • Special Event Reward:
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Phone:  402-554-1925
Hours:  Mon - Thurs: 11am - 10pm; Fri - Sat:10am - 1pm; Sun: 10am - 10pm
10765 M STREET
OMAHA NE, 68127
Welcome Reward:  
Receive this one-time special offer just for enrolling
Payback Reward:  
Earn PinPoints for every dollar you spend
Birthday Reward:  
Receive this Reward for your birthday
Anniversary Reward:  
Receive this Reward for your anniversary
Special Event Reward:  
Receive this Reward when enrolling in the program